The Story so far…..

Outlook & Curriculum

I trained in Fine Arts, painting at Ravensbourne College of Art in London, and later worked in commercial advertising in a small, family run company called SaleSkill in the UK as well as the USA. This immediate contact with clients opened up possibilities to question what is the role of art in the community, apart from just selling ideas and products. I transferred from marketing to teaching which made the excitement of conveying art to an audience who were so much more tangible and versatile to absorbing new ideas. After initial training at The Tate Gallery, London I transferred to Spain and began a research group called EnterArte in 1997. Together, we have aspired to innovate the connection between the identity of the artist, from one to ninety-nine years of age, into common forums such museums, professional artists, and public institutions. More recently, I have returned to my first passion, which is painting but I continue to find links with other art forms, and especially individuals who practice dance, performance, language and education in general who want to build platforms in the local and global community.

Recent Work Experience 

-Visual Arts Teacher and painter at Salem International School, Germany                                                                             Since 2017

– IB Coordinator and Head of Secondary at Agora International  School, Madrid, Spain                                                 2014-2017

-Visual Arts Teacher, Aquinas International School                       2012-2014 

-Vice Principal; San Francisco de Paula, Spain                                 2010-2012

– Head of Learning and Standards, Creative Arts, Guildford College, UK                                                                                           2007-2010

– Head of Expressive Arts at International College Spain,             2000-2007


– M.Ed, International Education, Endicott College, Madrid 

.-PGCE in Art and Design, Cardiff University, Cardiff, 

-BA Hons: Fine Art, Ravensbourne College of Art & Design    

Exhibitions and Vocational Experience 

Founding leader & Consultant, EnterArte, Madrid    1997-present 

IB Visual Arts Examiner   2006 – present 

Individual exhibitions and collaborations 

Amador de los Rios gallery, Madrid 2007 

Set designer, “Orfeo ed Euridice” by Gluck, Teatro Cervantes, Alcalá de Henares 2006  

Art director, “Magritte” performance, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 2003

Group exhibitions

Museo de América; Madrid, Spain  “Viaje al museo 2000”,  “Una casa sin fronteras” 2001, “Reencuentros” 2002

Ibercaja Bank annual art exhibition, Alcalá de Henares 1996, 1997, 1998


“From the word to the image”  Centro Regional de Formacion de Profesorado, Castilla La Mancha  2017 

“MYP Visual Arts Cat 1 & 2”, IB Americas, New York  2010, Basel, Switzerland 2009, Moscow, Russia 2007

“Visual Arts and Performance”, Acción Educativa, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 1998-2003


“Primary Arts Guide”, Santillana Publishers 1997

“Composition”, Santillana Publishers 1998 


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